Drum Lessons Include

I teach concepts as I believe it allows my students to have a more rounded drumming foundation. By approaching the drums in this way it offers a greater understanding of the original rudiment or groove and how you can manipulate it into a variety of totally different styles and genres, additionally expanding your drumming vocabulary.


Throughout our lessons we will cover:

  • Techniques - grips, finger/wrist strokes, moeller stroke, push/pull, brushes, heel-down/heel-up
  • Rhythm - learn different grooves and underlying rhythms such as: clave, samba, bossa nova
  • Coordination - 3 & 4 limb independence exercises to give you more freedom to express yourself
  • Phrasing - develop your own vocabulary of phrases allowing you to translate ideas spontaneously
  • Tone- hitting the drum correctly to produce the desired sound consistently
  • Dynamics - having the control to be able to play soft and loud, interchanging effortlessly


Using a combitnation of techniques that I have developed along with handpicked standards such as Ted Reed's "Syncopation", George Lawrence "Stick Control" I give my students a unique learning experience that they will rememeber and make use of for years to come.

I teach with two acoustic drum kits - one for the student and one for me. This means demonstrations are easier and trading solos are more interesting (I can respond to your soloing ideas and vice versa).

Additionally I also teach grades (Rockschool/Trintity) and school exams upon request of the student/parent.

My method pushes you to create your own unique voice on the drums and I actively encourage trying new ideas.


All drum lessons are taught from my home in New Carron, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, FK2 7GF